What is AFROTC?

AFROTC is one of three programs that produces officers for the United States Air Force, the other two being the Air Force Academy and Officer Training School (OTS). ROTC is the largest commissioning source today. 

How is ROTC different than enlisting?

ROTC is a path to commissioning as an officer. Officers are trained to lead and their roles are typically more supervisory in nature. In order to become an officer, one must have (1) a bachelor's degree and (2) complete ROTC, OTS, or the Academy. 

Are all Air Force Officers pilots?

No. In reality, pilots make up a very small percentage of our Air Force. As a large military branch, we have jobs in essentially every career field imaginable: finance, nursing, special tactics, law, engineering, just to name a few. 

How do I join ROTC?

Joining ROTC is a very simple process. Simply register for the ROTC classes at your university and we will handle the rest. See the "enroll" page for a list of the ROTC classes. 

I don't go to UMD, can I still be in the program?

Absolutely. Our Detachment is a cross-town program, meaning many of our cadets are from UW-Superior, College of St Scholastica, and Lake Superior College. 

What is the commitment post-college?

The basic post-college commitment is 4 years, however, if you are not on scholarship there is no commitment to the Air Force until your Junior year. This allows time for students to determine if this is the career path they wish to take. 

Does everyone in the program get their school paid for?

No. We have a large proportion of Cadets who are not on scholarship. However, if you are not awarded a scholarship out of high school, you may compete for an in-college scholarship. 


Current as of 8 February 2021